Electronic Bhakti Music

Saturday, March 30, 2019
7:00 –8:00 pm
Tuition: $20.00 (Member $15.00)

Hindu Hymns: Ancient yet Modern, in Inspirational Music

Aks & Lakshmi share the love, peace, and pluralistic vision of the great Indian bhakti poets. Bhajans and stotras (devotional song and hymn) on major Hindu deities interconnect with storytelling and visual media in a celebration of ecstatic devotion. With live singing, keyboard, electronic instruments and English narration, Aks & Lakshmi maintain the poetic authenticity of these works in Sanskrit, Hindi and Tamil, while reinventing them with contemporary musical arrangements in World, Pop and Folk styles. In 2013, their music and media company Eclipse Nirvana released “The Bhakti Movement” album, distributed worldwide by Sony Music.

Aks & Lakshmi are a composer-vocalist duo who specialize in Electronic Bhakti Music. They are pioneers in blending Raga influences with electronic and pop genres to create powerful spiritual experiences. Aks is a composer, producer and vocalist who composes for albums, film & TV, and video games. Trained by Oscar-winner AR Rahman, Aks is best known for creating multi-layered electronic orchestrations and lyrical melodies. Lakshmi is a vocalist-scholar who brings singing, scholarship, and storytelling onto one platform. With an M.A. in Religious Studies from Stanford University, she performs and writes on the great Indian poet-saints. As guest artists at Princeton, Stanford, GTU, and the 2018 Parliament of World Religions (Toronto), the content of their sacred music holds strong educational value. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Aks & Lakshmi tour in North America and beyond.

Audiences describe their music as “healing,” “meditative” and “transforming.”

You can hear their music on Youtube: