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Yantra Painting with Swami Sivasankariananda

Sunday, April 23
All supplies provided.
Suggested donation $40

A yantra is a powerful meditation tool, both through the process—plotting the mathematical structure and systematically painting it—and as a symbol of the mantra it represents (with a central focal point). Focus and quiet concentration are required. The visual and nonverbal right hemisphere of the brain is enlisted. With the inner silence comes self-awareness. Watch your experience and find the center again. Encountering the symmetrical, geometric pattern fosters inner harmony.

Elevate your consciousness by connecting to the Divine, the universal cosmology.

We begin with the Ganesha yantra, pictured above, carefully drawing the sacred geometry. If you have completed a Ganesha Yantra, you are welcome to work on a planet yantra. Each planet has a mantra and yantra and very specific energy. Participants work at their own pace. No experience necessary. Work at your own pace.

Venue: 350 O’Shaughnessy Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94127

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