Satsang and Meditation

Satsang means ‘“association with the wise.” Sitting together in a group—whether a newcomer or an experienced practitioner—creates a strong spiritual atmosphere which allows a deeper experience of meditation. It is mysteriously uplifting and joyful.

Satsang consists of 30 minutes of silent meditation, 30 minutes of chanting our Daily Chants (Jaya Ganesha) and a few bhajans accompanied by harmonium, plus a relevant talk or reading on Yoga philosophy or psychology, sometimes with a special guest speaker. We recite Swami Sivananda’s Universal Prayer and conclude satsang with arati, waving and receiving the Divine Light. We also share prasad, a sweet offering. Stay for a hearty vegetarian soup after Satsang on Sunday evenings.

Our chant book reflects the inclusiveness of the Sivananda lineage, with a section of chants for each of the main Hindu deities, as well as chants in English and Hebrew. Many of the Sanskrit chants include translations. (Purchase the chant book here.)

Morning Satsang is available daily at 6:00am through the Los Angeles Center (also Wednesday and Sunday evenings).

See the Program Calendar for monthly Sunday evening Satsangs in person in San Francisco.

It is not your voice, but the inner feeling that matters. Let your heart melt. As Yoga of sound, “mantra is the easiest of all modes of approach to God.” —Swami Sivananda

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