All-Levels Yoga Class

This 90-minute basic Sivananda Yoga class includes the following balanced Hatha Yoga sequence: initial relaxation, breathing exercises, sun salutations, a series of twelve classic postures (and potentially, variations), and a final deep relaxation.

The Yoga postures (asanas) and the breathing exercises (pranayama) are meditative and serve to harmonize the body, the mind and the intellect. This aids in releasing tension, stimulating blood circulation and promoting the proper function of the internal organs for total-body health.

Alternating focus on movement, breath and conscious relaxation brings awareness within, and encourages calmness—a real experience of ancient Yoga that will bring you a sense of well-being. Leave feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.

Duration: 90 minutes

Tuition: $15 (members $12) [Become a member.] First class free! Monthly unlimited and 10-class passes are available at a discount.

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Our yoga programs are designed to recharge your energy, rejuvenate your body and mind and leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful.

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