Yantra Painting: Sacred Geometry

Taught by Pieter WeltevredeSaturday, November 3, 2018
1:00 –5:00 pm
Tuition : $45.00
per session, including materials

A two-day workshop on the sacred and ancient art/discipline of Yantra painting with master artist Pieter Weltevrede, visiting from Holland. It is an honor to practice with him! Experience clarity of mind, inner peace, and connect with your creativity.

A yantra is a powerful meditation tool, both through the process—plotting the mathematical structure and systematically painting it—and as a symbol of the mantra it represents (with a central focal point). Focus and quiet concentration are required. The visual and nonverbal right hemisphere of the brain is enlisted. With the inner silence comes self-awareness. Watch your experience and find the center again. Encountering the symmetrical, geometric pattern fosters inner harmony.

Elevate your consciousness by connecting to the Divine, the universal cosmology.

We begin with the Ganesha yantra, pictured at left, carefully drawing the sacred geometry, then painting with the specific colors of the Ganesha energy. If you have already painted the Ganesha yantra, you will have the opportunity to paint a planet yantra.

Come to one or both days. All materials provided, but you are welcome to bring a pencil, eraser, compass and/or straight edge with metric measurements. No experience necessary. Please sign up in advance.

Workshop Part 2: Sunday 11/4 from noon to 4:00pm

Portfolio Viewing: Sunday 11/4 at 6:00pm Satsang

Even if you can't make the workshops, please don't miss Satsang on Sunday when Pieter will present his portfolio. You have probably come across his work on wall calendars and greeting cards. It is another thing entirely to marvel at dozens of his extraordinarily-detailed paintings on silk firsthand. A satvic feast for the eyes.

Pre-registration appreciated.


Pieter Weltevrede

Internationally-recognized Dutch master artist Pieter Weltevrede is a disciple of Harish Johari and also studied with Johari's teacher Master Chandra Bal and Suresh Johari. Pieter has painted hundreds of exquisite works of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Yantras and Mandalas. He tours annually in India, Europe and the USA exhibiting his art and giving painting workshops.