Pain and Yoga

Jaya Jeff Sims LMTSaturday, April 21, 2018
2:00 –4:00 pm
Tuition: $25.00 (Member $20.00)

Chronic pain is a widespread problem in our population. Trying to manage pain with medication and surgery is not helping. Modern scientific research explains why Pain Management is not working and can be harmful. Science also explains the different ways that Yoga helps. Pain is real, but is your thinking true?

Attending this workshop will help you to understand what chronic pain is and is not and how practicing Yoga helps prevent pain. This presentation and discussion is intended for those experiencing chronic pain, as well as healthcare professionals who want to learn the latest science. Whether you practice Yoga or not, or if you teach Yoga or another movement or exercise method, or not, this workshop will change the way you think. You will not be bored. There is hope!

Jaya Jeff Sims, LMT

Jaya is a therapist and a teacher. He practices and teaches orthopedic massage, structural bodywork and functional movement therapies.
He's been practicing as a licensed massage therapist since 2002 and a certified massage school teacher since 2005. He started working in a clinical setting, addressing pain and injury in 2002. He has been studying and teaching anatomy & physiology, complex trauma, pathology and movement during these years studying with masters like Tom Myers, Judith Aston, Stuart McGill, Skeeter Tichnour, Jean Pierre Barral, Bruno Chikly, Alaya Chikly, Bob McAtee, Jim Hackett, Bonnie Thompson, Jeff Murray James Waslaski, Gil Hedley and many more. He is a certified Yoga teacher through the International Sivananda Vendanta Yoga Centres.
He has successfully completed Stott Pilates teacher training for all levels of Matwork, Reformer, the Cadillac Intensive, and Injuries and Special Populations. Recently he completed two Stott Pilates Rehabilitation for Matwork & Reformer intensive workshops: (1) Spinal, Pelvic and Scapular Stabilization and (2) Peripheral Joint Stabilization. The Stott Pilates Rehabilitation program is specifically designed for medical professionals, including licensed physical or occupational therapists, chiropractors and doctors of sports medicine. With this training he offers a very clinical application of Pilates for injury prevention and to improve pre- and post-surgical outcomes. He understands that his methods provide a bit of cognitive restructuring.
He also offers additional alternative bodywork approaches including craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release, visceral manipulation, lymph drainage and other subtle methods that are indicated for a variety of conditions, including trauma and injury that often have an emotional component.
His mission is to support clients and students through life: reducing the risk of injury and the need for surgery; speeding the recovery from injury and surgery and integrating neuromyofascial rehabilitation for deeper dysfunctional patterns. He is here to serve clients and students to achieve their potential and to maintain and restore their quality of life. Unnecessary pain, dysfunction and suffering are just that. He wants to help.