Yoga and Your Spine

Flora D.H. OjanenMonday, March 26, 2018
7:00 –9:00 pm
Tuition: $60.00 (Member $50.00)
(covers both sessions)

Meets Monday, March 26 and Tuesday, March 27 • 7-9pm

The importance of spinal alignment in your yoga practice

This two-part workshop is presented not from an esoteric, but from a functional point of view.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your spine is subject to a tremendous amount of twisting, bending, and flexing during a normal yoga class? 

If it is done with a great deal of integrity and alignment, no harm will be done. But unfortunately, the same unconscious habits we employ in daily life also show up in yoga practice, such as rounded backs, stiffened hips, shortened spines and tense necks. Modern people tend to put excessive amounts of pressure onto the spine without ever realizing it.

This workshop will shed light onto the delicate workings of the spine in relationship to the rest of the body. We will explore typical habitual tendencies, how they can damage the body's functional integrity over time (even if we practice yoga!), and how that new knowledge can be used to encourage ease, alignment and expansion in the spine (and whole body).

We will explore some simple asanas to integrate the new information. There will also be room for spontaneity and play in the group.

This workshop is based on the oldest mind-body integration method in the west: the Alexander Technique.


Flora D.H. Ojanen

Flora D.H. Ojanen is an experienced Alexander Technique teacher, a Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga teacher, and ergonomic consultant. She holds private lessons in the Alexander Technique at her downtown San Francisco office, and group sessions onsite at Bay Area companies and yoga studios. Flora investigates the Alexander Technique’s great potential to bring ease to the practice of yoga, and offers her expertise to the Yoga community. In teaching lessons, Flora is a master in identifying creative ways to help students develop their own healing potential and stress relief through a sharpened self-awareness, which can be applied to every aspect of their lives.