Class Descriptions

All instructors teaching yoga asana classes at this Center have a minimum 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved certification from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.

We teach traditional Hatha Yoga. Our classes are non-competitive and respect your personal capacity.



• Please wear modest, loose, comfortable clothing, preferably cotton. (Please no low-cut or skin-tight clothing.)

• Do not eat for at least two hours before class.

• A limited number of yoga mats are available for use.


All-Levels Yoga Class

This 90-minute basic Sivananda yoga class includes the following balanced sequence: an initial relaxation period, breathing exercises, sun salutations, a series of twelve basic postures (plus variations, depending of the level of the class), and a final deep relaxation.

The yoga postures (asanas) and the breathing exercises (pranayama) are meditative and serve to harmonize the body, the mind and the intellect. This aids in releasing tension, stimulating blood circulation and promoting the proper function of the internal organs for total-body health.

Alternating focus on movement, breath and conscious relaxation brings awareness within, and encourages calmness—a real experience of ancient yoga that will bring you a sense of wellbeing. Leave feeling peaceful and rejuvenated.

Intermediate Yoga Class

The 2-hour intermediate class builds on the all-levels class, following the same structure. Postures may be held longer. Be exposed to different variations on the basic set of twelve asanas. Boost your personal practice. If you are a serious student, comfortable with the regular sequence, you are welcome to attend the advanced class. As always, your body will be your guide.

2 hours

Gentle Yoga Class

Yoga for relaxation and for people with limited flexibility

The emphasis is on focus and breath, as we move the energy of the body through a sequence of poses, modifying according to the capacity of those in attendance. The benefits are multiple, including improved mobility of the joints, increased awareness, deeper relaxation and sense of well being.

Gentle Yoga can also be helpful if you have injuries, post surgery, if you are in disease recovery or are overweight.

1 hour

Yoga for Seniors

Take a yoga class at your pace. Energize the body, strengthen the bones, calm the breath, focus the mind. Find balance and peace—and community! Chair Yoga included as appropriate.

1 hour

Private classes

One-on-one private classes can be arranged at the Center. A great opportunity to finetune modifications that work for you, work on a specific area of flexibility or to stay on track with a consistent level of challenge to evolve your yoga practice.

$80 per 50-minute session; packages available