After 30 years at 1200 Arguello, we have relocated to 1185 Vicente Street, Parkside/Outer Sunset, near Stern Grove, three miles from the old Center, two blocks from the L Taraval Muni line and four blocks from 19th Ave. The main asana room is large and beautiful, with oak floors and a high ceiling. There is a second classroom, which will also serve as an Ayurveda treatment room. A full kitchen is centrally located. There is a modest mezzanine that will house a work area and sleeping quarters for two staff. We will offer a regular schedule of open asana classes (including beginner, advanced, gentle and a weekly class for children), meals, courses, workshops, concerts and events to support your complete yoga lifestyle. We will also offer Ayurveda talks, consultations and treatments. Be on the lookout for more in-depth courses that qualify toward the Yoga Farm’s yoga therapy certification program.