Dhrupad Voice Concert

With Nirmalya DeySaturday, April 6, 2019
7:00 –9:00 pm
Tuition : $25.00
$20 for members, students and seniors

The goal of Nada yoga and that of Dhrupad is to transcend the perception of the duality of the world and to experience the ultimate oneness, or ultimate “yoga” or union, using the human voice.

Nada or sound exerts a powerful influence on one’s mind. It brings about a healthy state of consciousness in an individual. A sense of joy, harmony, flexibility and fulfillment develops. The potency of sound promotes relaxation. Once the mind and body are relaxed all sorts of healing occurs naturally.

Dhrupad is the core of Indian music. Art of this genre features the grandeur of pristine, indigenous and ethnic culture of musical art, practiced through an uninterrupted oral tradition since the medieval age in India. Dhrupad tradition traces its origin back to the Sanskrit song-texts—known as prabandha—practiced and nurtured in the ancient age. The process of alap strictly adheres to the principles and practices laid down in the ancient musical treatises.

Hear Nirmalya Dey's melodious and mesmerizing voice here.

When Nirmalya sang for us last year, he said, "I experienced a sublime and inspiring vibration in your place, which helped me create my music with ecstatic joy."


Nirmalya Dey

Pandit Nirmalya Dey is a world-renowned master vocalist and teacher in the tradition of Dagarvani dhrupad. He was initiated into this ancient majestic and spiritual musical form by Professor Nimaichand Boral in 1978, who was a disciple of the legendary dhrupad performer, Ustad Nasir Moinuddin Dagar.  Later, Nirmalya learned in the true tradition of Guru-Shishya Parampara, spending extended time with another legendary dhrupad master, Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar. Nirmalya learned and also regularly performed on  stage with Ustad Zia  Fariduddin Dagar from 1988 until Ustad passed away in 2013. Nirmalya imbibed the traditional musical form and its nuances meticulously, from his teacher, who represented the 19th unbroken generation of the dhrupad performing Dagar family. Nirmalya went on to evolve his own distinctive style and approach to dhrupad.

Nirmalya is a distinguished artist and has been invited to perform in numerous prestigious festivals and concerts in India and abroad. Despite the demands placed on his schedule as a performer, Nirmalya is a devoted teacher, grooming and initiating the next generation of artists in the dhrupad. Nirmalya has taught at the University of Delhi and Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra (Delhi) and conducted workshops all over the world, including in Europe and North America. When not performing, Nirmalya teaches at the Dhrupad Gurukul in Delhi, India.